The Department of Statistics participates in and provides rigorous exposure and training to the bachelor of science students who have chosen statistics, mathematics and computer science as the disciplines that enable them to study and perform statistical applications.  The department imparts outstanding training in data collection, data management and data analysis methods and procedures, contributing to statistical theory and methodology development.


The Department of Statistics operates with the following objectives in mind:

  • To create an excellent teaching and learning environment for undergraduate students learning the principles and practice of statistical methods.
  • To disseminate knowledge about statistics through teaching, counselling, co-curricular, extracurricular and outreach programmes.
  • To generate and improve statistical and probabilistic theories and methods.
  • To develop an effective study design, sampling strategies, data exploration, analysis and inferences.
  • To educate students in research and analysis and maximise the use of cutting-edge technologies and statistical methods.
  • To encourage employability and entrepreneurship among students with high professional skills and a higher level of professionalism.
  • To contribute to the field of statistics and the greater scientific community.


Statistics is a branch of mathematics about collecting, analysing, interpreting, and presenting data and the data is used to solve social, economic and business problems that are advantageous to various industries, such as banking, insurance, healthcare, etc.  The Department of Statistics fosters statistical luminaries for careers as scholars, statisticians, statistical analysts, statistical reporting analysts, consultants, researchers, data analysts and business analysts.

Featured Faculty:

Y. Naga Shilpa Devi, M.Sc., B.Ed.,

Head, Dept. of Statistics