CSSR&SRRM Degree & PG College alumni association is the association of former student graduates which has formed to extend support to their alma mater in the endeavor of providing intellectual nourishment to its students. The college Alumni Association has been registered and it meets at least once in a year. It is always in touch with the members of the alumni association. The Alumni student interaction is organized with the request given by all old students. The alumni come forward to share their experiences with the juniors. The students are also provided with various suggestions by their seniors about their future plans and prospects.


  • To significantly increase alumni interaction with the institution for its better approach in further more intellectual nourishment to students.
  • Fostering and keeping alive loyalty to the institution and creating concern for its welfare.
  • Inculcate exchange of ideas among alumni and between alumni and students.
  • To assist current students to achieve their goals by means of mentorship and scholarship setup through Alumni.


  • To maintain an up-to-date and detailed database of the alumni.
  • To highlight the success of alumni to improve the credibility and reputation of the university.
  • Plan and promote a platform for interaction between all stakeholders of SFIT.
  • Promote the interests and welfare of alumni association.

Maintain healthy relationship with the alumni body 6. Assist management in creating an environment in the college which is enables students to have far-lasting memories.



S. No

Name & Designation

Name of the Duty Assigned


Sri G.Sreedhar

Lecturer in Statistics



Sri. T.Ganesh Kumar

Lecturer in Chemistry



Smt. B.Sailakshmi

Asst prof in Economics



M.Meghana Niharika

III Sem M.Sc Statistics

Student Member


G.Belah Rani

III Sem M.Sc Mathematics

Student Member



V Sem BA

Student Member