Red Ribbon Club

        The Red Ribbon Club is a global symbol for Multiple Sclerosis and the fight against HIV/AIDS founded in 1991 in New York. The Club demonstrates solidarity with those who are living with HIV and AIDS and seeks to unite the community in the battle against the illness. The Red Ribbon Club was established in the Institution to create awareness of AIDS/HIV and promote voluntary blood donation. It is a comprehensive promotional and preventative initiative designed to increase voluntary blood donation and mainstream HIV & AIDS prevention, care & support, treatment impact, mitigation, and stigma reduction among the Institution’s adolescent students. 


  • To inculcate in youth a duty to serve and support persons living with HIV/AIDS.
  • To enhance student knowledge of HIV infections and their prevention methods.
  • To educate students and the general public about HIV and inspire them to live a risk-free lifestyle.
  • To encourage youth voluntary blood donation.


       The Red Ribbon Club is crucial in educating the students about HIV/AIDS/STI/Sexuality and other associated concerns by providing accurate, brief and appropriate information and sensitising and eliminating myths and misconceptions. The RRC educates students on eradicating negative ideas, sentiments, and attitudes and expanding the care and support required for persons living with HIV. The Club also empowers the youth to detect and comprehend instances of exploitation and abuse.The Club expands accessibility to health care services. 


       The Red Ribbon Club employs various strategies to bring about behaviour change in young minds. The activities include awareness campaigns through rallies and outreach activities, blood donation camps, and celebrations on numerous significant days such as AIDS day, youth day, blood donors day, and women’s day.


Red Ribbon Club- 2021-22

Sl. No Name & Designation Duty Assigned Mobile Email
1 Miss. D.Swetha, Lecturer in Zoology Convener 9381724833
2 Sri. P. Ranateja Reddy, Lecturer in Political Science Member 8309023094
3 K. Lavanya, I-B.Com Student Member 9398762021
4 M. Surendra Babu, I-B.Com Student Member 6281201756
5 P.Venkatesh, III-MSCs Student Member 8374125902