Department of History was the first B.A. Degree course that was introduced in the college in the year 1992.  In that sense, it holds the pride of the college in its long tradition. It was also one of the first to start Course in the college.

The Department has organised many seminars/conferences, colloquiums over the years that have been attended by all the students irrespective of their branch of study.

The department conducts excursions, seminars, film shows and other functions.


1. Factual Content Knowledge

Majors will acquire an intellectual framework for understanding the world’s civilizations and peoples, and their political, economic, social, and cultural histories.

 2. Chronological Understanding

Majors will gain an appreciation for processes of change across varied aspects of the human experience.

3. Ability to Communicate as a Historian

All majors will demonstrate the ability to communicate in clear, well organized, and grammatical prose.

4. Ability to Locate Appropriate Primary and Secondary Sources

Majors will demonstrate the ability to locate published and unpublished information sources in both electronic and traditional formats to research a topic exhaustively.

5. Ability to Formulate Historical Research Questions

Majors will demonstrate the ability to craft questions that will serve as the basis for viable research projects.

6. Ability to Evaluate and use Primary Source Evidence in Historical Research

Majors will demonstrate the ability to identify perspective in primary sources and utilize primary source evidence in the construction of interpretive arguments.

7. Ability to identify historical arguments and situate historical arguments within the historiographical literature

Majors will demonstrate the ability to comprehend and identify perspective in secondary sources and master the secondary literature in areas of independent research.


            The Department of History offers the following programmes in CBCS mode from the academic year 2015-2016.


B.A. (General).History-Economics - Political Science.


Seminars, group discussions, quizzes, extension work, education and software industrial visits, etc., are some of the             cardinal co-curricular activities of the department for the benefit of both the students and the staff members as well.  Extension and guest lectures are some of the important activities of the faculty for achieving quality education.  As far as Consultancy Services concerned the department   provides under-graduate students with a strong inter-disciplinary foundation that draws on the strengths, fundamentals and theory of history.


The strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, challenges and future plans of the Department are:


•         Qualified, competent and dedicated faculty.


•         Level of the understanding of the subject is very low.


•         Exclusive job opportunities like Indian economic services.



•         To improve the strength.

•         To motivate the students to admit in B.A. Degree Course.

•         Most of the students are from rural families where most of the parents are working as daily/agriculture labour which has impact on the regularity of the students to attend the college. This has become a great challenge to the department to counsel them and uplift their academic standards.

Future Plans:

•         The Department plans to introduce a full-fledged course in Tourism.

•         It also plans to begin a Post Graduate course in History and Tourism.


There is one faculty member in the Department of History.

The individual personal profile of the member of the faculty of History Department:



Name of the Teaching Staff





Lecturer & HOD

M.A (History)