The Department of History allows students to acquire the skills required to conduct historical research and analysis and interpret the past to engage with the present and help them work towards the future.  The Department prepares students for full and productive participation in society by teaching them the skills they will need to become independent, critical thinkers and productive members.


  • To create a rigorous academic and research environment for history-based teaching, learning and innovation.
  • To educate students in the intricacies of historical inquiry, cultivate their critical thinking skills and enhance their comprehension of the world.
  • To promote historical studies, encourage research into the history, society and different cultures.
  • To prepare students for future challenges by teaching local, regional, national and global history.
  • To empower students to encounter the challenges of globalisation by instilling a lifelong passion for learning about the past through historical study.
  • To provide a conducive environment for faculty to engage in innovative research projects and realise excellence in publication and instruction.


Understanding history, appreciating the significance of culture and context, sorting through a great deal of information, drawing conclusions, and writing or speaking are valuable skills developed for various careers.  Hence, there are a diversity of career opportunities available to history graduates.  Common professions are teaching, journalism, researcher,  historians, tourism, archivists, librarians, lawyers, politicians, writers and business.  Educators, archivists, librarians, lawyers, politicians, authors and other positions in government and non-governmental organisations are frequently chosen.

Featured Faculty:

C.Ayyavarappa, M.A., B.Ed.,

Head, Dept. of History